"D. Cole is a great place for everyone. There is such a wide variety of style, colors, and prices. There is something in this jewelry store that can fit everyone's budget. The store itself is very clean and well lit. The staff is incredible. They are always willing to help you out and they will give you an honest opinion. I have never been disappointed."

Rachel L.


"D. Cole Jewelers has been a wonderful mainstay in the Old Port since I was a young girl growing up in Southern Maine. Even though I live in Washington DC, I chose D. Cole to design a combination setting for the tanzanite & diamonds my husband gave me as engagement and wedding stones. Their distinctive collection of uniquely designed jewelry, wholesome reputation and personable customer service are just a few of the reasons I selected D. Cole. Lindsey kept me well informed of designer Jim's progress and ideas. I knew I would receive a lovely piece, but I was totally unprepared for the fabulously, stunning finished product! D. Cole Jewelers provided me not only with an impressive piece of wearable artwork, but my family with a meaningful heirloom for years to come. Thank you, D. Cole Jewelers!"

-Gwynne K.


"I have bought my girlfiend many pieces of jewelry from D. Cole Jewelers. The staff is always helpful. They answer all questions and make sure you leave with exactly what you want. The prices are excellent. They go from inexpensive to very expensive. They make all of their own jewelry right on the premises. The store is always extremeley clean. This is a store that I think everyone should go."

-Anon. Citysearch user


"What makes D. Cole Jewelers distinctive? Beyond the incredible design and exceptional materials is a passion for helping the customer to find the perfect piece. My purchases range from simple silver charms to a diamond necklace and bracelet set. My signature piece of jewelry, a gold bangle with a tourmaline stone, was custom made at d. cole over ten years ago. I knew who to reach to when i wanted to celebrate a special birthday by sharing tourmaline earrings with friends. Once again the professionals at d. cole jewelers made others feel speical with the perfect piece. It is always a pleasure."

- Carol H.


"D. Cole Jewelers is the perfect jewelry store. They have a beautiful selection of jewelry, ranging from thousand dollar engagement rings to $20 turquoise earrings. There is sure to be something for everyone in this store, both in style and budget. Their showroom is bright and well lit and the cases are attractive and interesting to look at. The staff is always friendly and willing to help. D. Cole designs a lot of their pieces and you can even watch the jewelers at work through the large glass window connecting to the show room. For such a unique selection of items their prices are very reasonable."

-Anon. Google Reviews


"I fell in love with D. Cole Jewelers when I was in high school. I loved that I could get beautiful silver and stone earrings for $10-$30. This was fifteen years ago and amazingly those prices still hold true today. I brought my husband into the shop to show him how beautiful everything was and told him never to buy me anything from one of those chain jewelry stores. He liked the service so much he had a ring made for me. He really enjoyed working with Ryan (the jeweler) and having his input in the design process. We worked with Ryan again to have a diamond reset and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Our most recent purchase was an amethyst ring for me for Mother's Day. It is so nice to know that excellent customer service still exists. I recommend this shop to everyone. I never fail to mention where all of my beautiful pieces come from when I get compliments, and I get a lot of compliments!"

-Jamie & Tom C.


"I've never felt compelled to write an online review before, but after shopping for an engagement ring for my fiance at D. Cole I felt I had to share what a good experience we had. When you walk into the store you immediately notice the quality of their work. I would describe my fiance's taste as simple elegance (I may be biased there) and she immediately saw several pieces she loved. Prior to this, we shopped at several other jewelers and we had trouble finding anything she liked. The next thing you notice is the helpful, relaxed atmosphere created by the owners and their staff. Each time I came into the store, I spoke with the jeweler who was goign to make the ring I would buy. He was showing me wax moldings of new designs he was considering and spent a lot of time educating me to look around at other jewelers in the area! Afterwards, I realized why. His work is equal to the quality of other high end jewelers in the area, at half the price! I can't say enough about this jewelry store and will absolutely return in the future."

-by AtimboT at Citysearch


Portland offers a number of quality jewelry stores, but I have to highlight D. Cole Jewelers, located on Exchange Street in the Old Port.  I’ve known the owners, Dean and Denise Cole, for most of my life, and I have incredible respect for them and their family.  My brother and I are close in age to their son and daughter, Ryan and Emily, who also work in the store now, and we used to carpool to school together.  Dean and Denise were fun and easy to talk to – no small feat when dealing with teenagers – and their entire family reflects the best of Maine: generosity, kindness, and a willingness to lend a hand whenever it’s needed.  For purposes of this post, I can tell you this jewelry store is well worth the visit for its quality – their designs are beautiful and unique - and they also provide excellent customer service.  My husband worked with Ryan to design my engagement ring (check out their bridal gallery), knowing how much it would matter to me that it came from their store.  Please stop by and experience what a special place this is!

-Eliza, 12/9/2012 on Maine Roots Blog