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Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: September Hardness: 9 Sapphire has been sought after for thousands of years as the ultimate blue gemstone. The ancient Persians ... Read More


Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: August Hardness: 6.5 Peridot, the gem form of the mineral olivine, traces its jewelry roots back more than 3,500 years. It was f... Read More

Cultured Pearl

Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: June Pearls. . . the oldest known gemstone, treasured by the ancients as the most precious of gems. Throughout the ages pearls we... Read More


Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: October Hardness: 5.5 Opal is one of nature's most prized gems. The stone was mined by eastern Europeans, the Aztecs and the anc... Read More


Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: January Hardness: 6-7 Garnet is one of the most versatile stones on the market. It comes in a rainbow of colors, from deep red t... Read More

Blue Topaz

Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: December Hardness: 8 Blue topaz has become one of the most popular gemstones on the market today, due to its clarity, durability... Read More


Aug 16, 2013

  Birthstone: March Hardness: 8 Aquamarine, derives it name from the Latin term for seawater because of its elegant blue hues. According to l... Read More

About Platinum

Aug 16, 2013

Although platinum was used in ancient Egypt and by the South American Incas, it was not as valued as gold. Until modern jewelers' tools were developed... Read More

About Silver

Aug 16, 2013

Archeologists' tests indicate that humans have created objects and ornaments out of silver since 4000 BC, just after their discoveries of gold and cop... Read More

About Gold

Aug 16, 2013

Gold is the world's most ancient and coveted metal. It has always represented wealth and power. The earliest known gold jewelry came from the Sumer ci... Read More
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